Siúlóid Na Síog (Fairy Glade Walk)

Start/Finish:  Cloghane Village

Time: One Hour 

Distance: 5km 

Brief Description: A Magical Experience for the children to see where the fairies live. This is a Grade one classification Route. 

Fairy Glade

Route: The walk begins from the Old Church in Cloghane. This is known as ‘Boithirin na Marbh’ which is translated as ‘The Road of the Dead’ This route takes you along the old path way to Faha. As you enter the Path way you can see where the fairies live which creates a fairy-tale fantasy for young children. Follow the pathway until you eventually meet the tarred road. Turn right and follow this road back down to Cloonsharragh. At the end of the road turn left and follw the scenic route back to Cloghane Village. 

Local History: The walk begins at the remains of the old medieval church and 19th century Protestant Church. St Brendan founded his monastery on this site in the 6th century and it was from the summit of Mt. Brandon that he had a vision of a wonderful land to the west, which was America. Within the walls of the medieval church a Celtic stone carved head of Crom Dubh was located. Crom Dubh was a Pre-Christian god in the area and was converted by St. Brendan. Unfortunately in August 1993, it was stolen and has not been recovered.