Loch A’Dúin


Loch a Dúin translates to ‘The Lake of the Fort’. Hidden at the bottom of the Conor Pass ( Kilmore Cross ) is a scenic self guided walk in a valley that is an archaeological treasure chest. It is the perfect walk for a family day out as it is suitable for all fitness levels and consists of mostly flat terrain. Enjoy a picnic beneath the waterfall and enjoy a breath taking view of the natural beauty. 

Start/Finish: Kilmore Cross, the trail is well marked.

Time: 2/3 hours

Route: Look out for the black marker poles on the route for guidance. The river of course can only be crossed when water levels are low.

History: This valley contains a remarkable number of monuments from the Bronze Age (2,000BC – 500BC)- Bronze Age farming on the Dingle Peninsula. There are over 89 stone structures, many dating from 2,500BC. Including wedge tombs, standing stones, rock art, fulach fia, a fortified island and over 12 km of prehistoric pre-bog field walls dating to c. 1,300 BC.

It has also been discovered during recent years that ‘The Giants Grave’, a 4,000-year-old tomb is connected with the equinox. More information on this can be found in the link below.

Giants Grave/Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb

Click here for a A Must Read detailed article by archaeoligist Michael Ó Coilean explaining the equinox. 

Natural History: The valley is also of interest to bird watchers, botanists, and geologists.