Just for Fun Quiz – Round Two

Are you ready for the Just Fun Quiz Round One? See questions below and the answers will be posted tomorrow.

Remember this is just for fun and there will be no prizes, Féile Lughnasa are testing your general knowledge so you will be ready for the 2021 quiz! Best of Luck

Just for Fun Quiz Round 2

1. What county would you find Buncrana?

2. What are the three saint statues in the Grotto in Faha?

3. Whose logo is this?

Round 2


4. What is the Irish word for Rainbow?

5. What day of the week does the Grúpa Sugartha (Parent and Toddler) group meet in Halla Le Chéile?

6. What was the name of the Hybrasel Play that took place in Féile Lughnasa 2019?

7. What sport do you associate with Eoin Morgan?

8. How many ladders are there on the Cé?

9. What year was Siopa an Phobail opened?

10. What is ophidiophobia the fear of?

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