Just for Fun Quiz – Round One

Are you ready for the Just Fun Quiz Round One? See questions below and the answers will be posted tomorrow. Remember this is just for fun and there will be no prizes, Féile Lughnasa are testing your general knowledge so you will be ready for the 2021 quiz! Best of Luck

1.What is Netiquette?

2.What is the colour of Halla Le Chéile?

3. Whose logo is this?

Round 1

4. What is the Irish word for church?

5. When does the Cloghane Brandon Hilwalking and Music Festival take place every year?

6. Sir Alec Guinness played which character in the Star Wars films?

7. Who won the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

8. How many steps are there going in the front door of Saint Brendan’s Church in Cloghane?

9. What invasive species are Tidy Towns trying to eliminate from community?

10. What is astraphobia the fear of?

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