Google Maps Sample

Here are a few sample walks in google maps. See for more detailed information

Mountain Safety. 1.Wear suitable clothing. It is always better to carry extra warm clothes as there is a change of 2-3 degrees for every 300m gained. In this area there is always a threat of rain, so be sure to pack rainproofs. It has been said that the area has little climate but much weather! Suitable walking boots are also recommended. 2.Check weather forecast before leaving, remembering it can be very changeable at times. Plan your walk carefully and estimate the time it will take to complete. Always tell someone of your planned route and what time you expect to return at. Bring a compass, map, torch, first aid kit, extra food and a whistle. Six blasts per minute of the whistle is the signal of distress. (Walking times have been calculated at 12 minutes per kilometre, and one minute for every contour line climbed on the Discovery series maps, No. 70). 3. Avoid walking on your own, except on routes where there are other walkers. It is on the descent from summits that most accidents occur.

Weather. There is no real advise to give on weather that could claim to be 100% accurate. The best I can say is that when you can’t see Mount Brandon, its raining, and when you can see it, its going to rain! Seriously, the weather is changeable and raingear should be included in any day pack. Unless you are experienced with a compass and proficient in map reading, then stay off the mountains in foggy weather. Accidents happen all too easily, never get into a situation that you cannot get out of. Look up the daily forecast.

Important Notice
There have been a few occasions during the past few years, where the rescue services and Gardai have been called out on false alarms. This happened because people who had planned to return to their car or BB at a specific time, changed their mind, and either stayed on the other side of the mountain, or camped overnight on the hill. To prevent such occurrences from happening again, please phone the Gardai or your BB to inform them of any changes in your plans. For those leaving a car overnight, a short note, giving details of your return, on the dash board, could save people the trouble of mounting an unnecessary rescue.
Dingle Gardai; 066 7151522
Tralee Hospital; 066 7126222
Tralee Gardai; 066 7122022
Emergency Services; 999