Trá Fhormaoileach/Fermoyle Beach ( extension to Killshannig, Maharees)

Route: Circular Walk

Start/Finish; Fermoyle Carpark

Time; 1-2:30 hours dependant on route chosen.

Route .1 Directions: From Fermoyle Beach Carpark, The hour walk swings to the left ( west), along the beach, around Ceann Duimhche, and returns along by the back beach. Follow the route along the back beach and it leads on to a small arched gate. Turn to the left and after a short distance on the road turn left again and you will be brought back to the carpark at Fermoyle beach.

Natural History: Bird watchers and archaeologists will find this route of interest as you will find numerous species along the walk, along with shell middens in the sand dune system. There  is one extensive shell midden right on Ceann Duimhche which appears to have some stone structures built into it, and there is also evidence of a lime kiln close by. It is also a superb beach for shore fishing.

This walk is suitable for all age groups. This route is straight forward but may not be accessible when there is a high tide. Middens can become more obvious after a storm but can also be easily hidden by sand being blown against the coastline. 

Route .2 Directions: A longer route along the coast is to remain on the beach and follow the Dingle Way out on the Western side  of the Maharees peninsula to Kilseanaigh, Maharees. From the carpark at Fermoyle the walk follows an easterly route along the beach. During the summer the waters along the coast are tempting to swimmers, divers and surfers.

History: There are some sites of interest along the route. At Kilcummin, where a little stream flows onto the beach the memorial of the Port Yarrock is located. This is unveiled in January 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its loss with 23 hands in Brandon Bay. Regardless of the season there are numerous birds to be seen along the coast.

The route can be found mapped out in the link below: