Rás Lachain/Duck Race 2020

Is ar líne a bheidh an rás i mbliana!

This years duck race is slightly different and more environmental friendly . Last year some ducks went way off duck race gaeilge2course and got lost in the sea …never to be found…so we are missing a good few plastic duck numbers. This year with the help of a computer program software all names of those who purchased ducks will be assigned to a duck number and a very exciting 5 minute race will be recorded on the software and videoed with a running commentary by our neighbour, friend and comedian Fred Cooke. All results can be accurately published in a list from Winner to Last! Ducks cost €5.

Due to the current Covid 19 crisis, Féile Lughnasa have not approached local businesses for sponsorship and there is currently no funding available for festivals. We are asking people to show their support for the festival by

The duck race will be taking place online Monday at 11am 

  1. Céad Duais = €100
  2. Dara Duais = €50
  3. Tríú Duais = €25
  4. Gach Éinne  Eile = ‘Duck All!’ 🙂

fred cooke ducks2

The Results are in

We had 120 ducks entered into race. The duck pond track can only take 100 ducks at a time so we had have 2 semifinals (of 60) where 10 were eleminated from each race. Then the exciting final of 100 ducks.


Seo an Rás 2021. This is the race for 2020