Clar Féile Lughnasa 2021 – Brochure

The reawakening of Cloghane Brandon at Féile Lughnasa
22.07.2021 – 26.07.2021

Whether you are in Dublin, Australia, Lios na Caol Bhuí, New York, Baile na Lachen, Cork,
Toronto, we are bringing Féile Lughnasa to you!

This year is very different for all of us due to the latest Covid-19 pandemic. It is a worrying
time, a difficult time and we are hosting this year’s Féile Lughnasa festival online and
limited events so we can come together as a community while staying safe.
Among this year’s events there will be online competitions for young and old. From
creative writing, art, sandcastle building, an animated duck race commentated by
comedian Julie Jay and many more!

As well as that, Sergeant O’ Houlihan Lends a Hand Drama will be shown online by the
much loved Frank Houlihan from the Hy-Breasal Theatre Company. There is also online
quizzes to help us celebrate our cherished festival and keep our spirits up.
There will be a big focus on the wellbeing too with people being offered Mindfulness walk,
yoga on the beach and Nature walk traditional use of plants

Clár Féile Lughnasa 2021