An Fheothanach – An Clochán/ Feothanach – Cloghane


Distance: 24km

Height: 655m

Time: 6-7 hours

Grade: Difficult.

This is the hardest walk of all routes along the Dingle way but definitely the most rewarding as it reaches its highest point along this route.


Important Information: This is a difficult climb and not suitable if weather conditions are bad. If visibility is bad then the route should not be attempted and other transport should be arranged. Please check the weather for the day you plan to hike. When you begin your descent it can be quite dangerous as there is a 450m drop into the sea at one point. You must be able to clearly see the path in front of you. 


  1.   When you leave Feothanach follow the main road, turning left at the local community hall and school.
  2. Proceed and turn right down along an old road that leads the trail in a north easterly direction. Stay on this path for a few km until you reach the cross roads.   On the right in ‘Baile na bhFionnúrach’ is ‘Cathair na bhFionnúrach’. This is an early medieval cashel that was excavated an is now open for the public. Below you on the left is Brandon Creek. 
  3. At the crossroads continue straight, following the waymarkers until you meet the T Junction. 
  4. Take a left and follow this road. The road will naturally end and guide you right and up the mountain.
  5. Your climb up the mountain begins here. When the weather is clear ‘Fothar na Manach’ can be viewed. This is an ancient field system cultivated by hermits. 
  6. The trail brings you to the saddle between ‘Más an Tiompáin’ and ‘Piaras Mór’. 
  7. Here there is a sharp descent. Please be mindful here! Using walking sticks here is seriously advised and watch your step when walking down. 
  8. Zig Zag your way down and eventually a gravel path meets the trail. 
  9. Below, the town of Arraglen, the remnants of a glaciated valley can be seen. 
  10. After a 300m descent, the path turns left and brings you down onto Brandon Pier. Here you can relax on the pier and enjoy a drink from ‘Murphy’s Bar’ , located on the pier.
  11. During the final stage of this route, follow the road for 6km until you reach the village of Cloghane. 
Piaras Mór

Where the trail rounds the saddle between ‘Más an Tiompáin’ and ‘Piaras Mór’ an ancient ogham stone with an inscribed cross is located. On a nice day,  you can enjoy the panoramic views from Brandon to the Blaskets, Tralee Bay. Maharees and the Slieve Mish Range.