NCN works closely with the HSE to deliver the Healthy Ireland Smart Start Programme for Early Years services. Resulting from this we have just been given permission to circulate information to service providers about their Stress Control Online programme which is starting today and will run for the coming three weeks. The initial roll out of the programme was very successful and it may offer you and/or your service users valuable skills at this time.

The programme covers topics including:

  • how stress affects our bodies and our thoughts
  • skills to overcome panicky feelings
  • tips to getting a good night’s sleep

This programme includes six modules which will be broadcast at scheduled times for 3 weeks. Each module will be broadcast 4 times, either on Monday and Tuesdays or on Thursdays and Fridays at 2pm and 8.30pm as per the timetable above.

Go to and subscribe at no cost to the Youtube channel so you will be updated when the next module will be broadcast.

At this very challenging time Stress Control is a proven and effective way to improve mental wellbeing for staff and the public. You may wish to share the information about this programme with your family and friends to encourage their participation.