The Grúpa Súgartha Clochán Bréanainn (Cloghane Brandon Toddler Group) visited Oceanworld in Dingle on Thursday last. The parents, toddlers and Maire de Baroid thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The staff at Oceanworld were extremely accommodating to the group.

This year there has been chances in the dynamic of The Grúpa Súgartha Clochán Bréanainn. The dads of the surrounding areas have been taking part in the fun at the group.

This year the group hosted a Play and Language programme in conjunction with the HSE and Kerry County Childcare. We saw record numbers attending the group.

Some highlights of the year included Paediatric First Aid Talk by Patricia Casey from, Nutrition for kids talks, plus Drumming Lessons.

Our group feel very strongly about the Irish language. We encourage parents and kids to use the language. We promote Irish language through songs, arts and crafts and much much more.

Parents get to share stories and knowledge over freshly baked buns and coffee every Thursday morning from 11 -12.30 while the kids take advantage of the outdoor playground.

Thanks to everyone who have supported us over the last year. A specially thank you the continuous support from TÚS Maith and Maire de Baroid.

So grab your stroller, nappy bag and come join the fun at the Grúpa Súgartha Clochán Bréanainn agus Bigí Linn