Galláin Cluain Sherrach ( Standing Stones)

A stone alignment situated on the lower E slopes of Brandon mountain, commanding an extensive view across Brandon Bay towards the central mountain ridge that forms the backbone of the Dingle Peninsula. Three stones, standing in a WSW-ENE line, are orientated on the rising sun at the summer solstice (Lynch 1981b, 26); 2 others lie prostrate and partly buried 2.15m and c. 6.3m to W. These latter had already fallen by the early 19th century as, though 5 stones are shown on the 1st edition of the OS map, only the 3 standing stones are described in the OSNB (Cloghane, 25). Positioned 1.6m and 1.7m apart, the stones stand 2.75m, 2.14m and 2.1m high, the decrease in height from E-W being accentuated by a gentle drop in ground level in the same direction. The 4th prostrate slab measures 1.9m x 1.7m; the 5th, partly buried and obscured by vegetation, measures 2.35m x at least 1.55m, and is not noted in any previous accounts. Macalister (1945, 170) appears to be correct in dismissing Ferguson’s account (1887, 48-9) of indecipherable ogham scores on the 2nd stone. The above description is derived from J. Cuppage, ‘Corca Dhuibhne. Dingle Peninsula archaeological survey. Ballyferriter. Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne’ (1986), no. 52. In certain instances the entries have been revised and updated in the light of recent research.       (Coordinates:     52°14’50.7″N 10°10’42.3″W,   or       52.247415, -10.178416,   or  6RWC+XJ)

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